The Phenomenal Woman – Pamela Baer

Women are seemingly rising and taking different positions in the business arena. Female leaders are taking over positions that were predominantly male positions. With the upsurge of gender equality, many corporates are strategizing on including women in the top positions. For Pamela Baer, it has not been a walk in the park for her to occupy different top positions. She has had to prove herself time and again. She has been involved in different humanity courses, all with the aim of uplifting the vulnerable in the society.

During the pandemic, Pam Baer has been instrumental in offering help during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic hit so many sectors severely. With the health sector being strained, handling the high admission rates and lack of resources such as a human capital among other resources. Pam Baer has identified the need to offer mental health support to patients after the toil of the pandemic.

The pandemic has escalated the issue of mental health, with the older adults being the most affected by the pandemic. With this in mind, Pam Baer thought it wise to create an organization that is solely in place for creating mental health awareness and ways of handling the different cases presented to them.

The phenomenal leader joined the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation close to 16 years ago and has been named the lifetime director of the board that runs the hospital. Her sheer determination and hard work have earned her recognition for helping out the vulnerable. Through her journey, she realized that most people having mental issues have a history of abusing drugs.

Most of the people end up being homeless. She is working with other charitable units to bring the needed change. Apart from her career life she is married and has four children. Despite having a busy career life she still has time for her family. Pam sits on various charitable boards. Click here for more information.


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