Steph Korey Explains How Away Has Built Its Success

Although many young entrepreneurs have brilliant business ideas, they fail at execution. One of the few young entrepreneurs who have outstanding business concepts and execute them excellently is Steph Korey. She is the founder of Away, an industry-changing suitcase and travel accessories venture. Before launching her entrepreneurial journey, she at Columbia Business School pursued a business degree. Previously, Korey worked at Warby Parker overseeing its supply chain and has also worked for Casper mattresses. Since its founding, Away’s annual sales have been growing exponentially. This disruptive young entrepreneur explained how Away had built its success during a recent interview.


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Offering high-quality suitcases at an unmatched price

Steph Korey stated that traditionally affordable suitcases have been of questionable quality. This has led to having a broken suitcase amid your travel, a problem that many frequent travelers have had to get comfortable with. The alternative has been spending an unimaginable amount of money getting a high-quality suitcase. She stated that Away has been prosperous because it has gone against this industry norm by offering high-quality suitcases at an unmatched price. Steph Korey revealed that Away’s suitcases are priced from $225 to $295. They have also been built with lighter but more robust “fighter jet” metal and have reinforced zippers and wheels. As a result, with an Away suitcase, you don’t have to worry about broken wheels and zippers after a couple of trips.

Selling suitcases directly to the consumer

This promising young entrepreneur mentioned that Away opted to sell its suitcases directly to the consumer and avoid the retail model. She pointed out that the inspiration for this move was to keep the prices of its suitcases affordable as there would be no retailer mark-ups. In addition to this, the direct sales method would allow the company to build a stronger relationship with its clients as it grows. Steph Korey announced that Away would be bringing to market new travel accessories soon under the same sales model.

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