Sparkasse Bank Malta – Depositary and Custody Services

Founded in 1882, Sparkasse Bank Malta operates as a financial institution, depository, and investment firm in Malta. The bank offers services to private individuals and corporate entities that are aimed at providing financial stability. Clients can choose to work with the bank’s advisors to create customized investment portfolios. Other services include non-advisory account services, which allow customers to benefit from the resources of the bank without hiring a professional.

As of October 2017, the bank has received a new license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). With its new license, the bank is planning to expand its business outside of Malta. It has recently come under scrutiny after its association with a Venezuelan money-laundering syndicate. However, sources in the Malta Financial Services Authority told the Times of Malta in August that the bank was not involved in any money laundering operations. In this regard, the bank’s emergence has been welcome.

With a long history of delivering excellent services to its clients, Sparkasse is now actively involved in the depositary services sector in Malta. With over EUR8 billion in assets in its custody, the bank is a leading provider of depositary services. Its services include the custody of funds, the administration of retirement pensions, and investment advice and consulting. In addition to its standard banking activities, Sparkasse is a member of SWIFT and a direct participant of SEPA. The company is licensed to conduct international transactions and provides depository services to Irish UCITs.

Sparkasse has invested in developing its custody network and systems. In addition to its extensive client service offerings, the bank employs experienced professionals who specialize in custody and depositary services. A dedicated team of professionals ensures that each customer receives the highest quality of service. They also provide expert support and reassurance. You can rely on Sparkasse to meet your needs. Our expert staff will help you meet your investment goals. We are here to serve your interests, and we look forward to serving you.

Located in Sliema, Sparkasse Bank Malta is part of the Austrian banking network. Its branches and other subsidiaries throughout the country are part of this network. They aim to be a leading savings bank in Europe. The company is owned by Sparkasse Holdings (Malta) Limited. The banks are located in the country’s capital city, Sliema. There are around 350 employees. The company operates as a subsidiary of the underlying Sliema Group of companies.

While Sparkasse is not a traditional bank, it has a solid reputation in the market. In the depositary and custody services industry, the bank is the leader in Malta. Its expertise and experience have earned the trust of clients and investors across the world. The firm’s team of professionals is focused on providing the best possible service to its customers. The team has been in operation for almost 30 years and has a dedicated staff specializing in retirement and estate planning. More Business News: