Simon Denyer Shares a Pulitzer Prize For His Articles On Global Warming

Simon Denyer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who works for the Washington Post. Denyer, along with other staff members were awarded the prize for their role in producing a groundbreaking series about global warming. The ten articles explained how extreme temperatures are affecting the planet.

Denyer’s article, written along with Chris Mooney of the Washington Post, 2 Degrees C: Beyond the Limit The Climate Chain Reaction That Threatens The heart of the Pacific details the effects global warming is having on Hokkaido, Japan’s largest island.

Hokkaido, the coldest and rainiest prefecture is seeing temperature rises, delayed snowfall, and decreased rain. Hokkaido is known for its winter sporting activities. But it is also known for its vast fishing industry. The fishing industry is simply not putting out the numbers normal for the season. In fact, the number of kumbu and other fish has dropped significantly over the last two decades.

Simon Denyer continues to outline how the issues in Hokkaido affect us all. The disappearance of fish, negative impacts within the fishing industry, and coastal flooding will have a ripple effect around the world.

Denyer has worked in and around Japan and Korea for several years. He currently serves in the role of Washington Post Bureau Chief for both countries.

He has worked all over the world and won a number of awards for his reporting. He has made a number of television appearances on MSNBC, CNN, PBS Newshour, and NPR just to name a few. Simon Denyer graduated from Trinity College in 1984 with a degree in economics. Simon Denyer’s: Facebook Page.