Richard DeVaul Explores The Wonders Of Deepfakes

Richard DeVaul has been exploring the world of deepfakes. Richard DeVaul is an optimist and believes that they will be used to help people with disabilities, provide entertainment, and even create new forms of art.

Richard points out that there are many benefits to deepfakes as long as the person knows how to use them correctly. Richard DeVaul also emphasizes that any technology can be misused so it’s important for people to understand what they’re getting into before jumping in head first.

“Richard DeVaul began his deepfakes journey by seeing what was possible with the technology and exploring all that it could be used for. After a couple of weeks, he realized that there were certain nefarious uses and wanted to explore the issues around this.”

According to Richard there’s just too much you can do with deepfakes and it’s his job to warn people of the dangers. Richard DeVaul also thinks that with technology like this, there’s no way to stop it from being used for nefarious means. However, he believes that with open dialog between experts, we can work out how best to use these technologies before they become too much of a problem.

“Richard is concerned about the idea that people are already using deepfakes to trick family members, friends, and peers. We are very dependent on sight in our lives but with technologies like this it becomes easier for people to be deceived.”

For people who don’t know much about what a deepfake is: it’s the latest form of AI technology that uses machine learning to mimic someone’s face. Then you can edit the video in any way you see fit, this includes changing voice and body movements. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you could do with technology like this including making your favorite celebrity say/do whatever you want them to. Although Richard is warning people about the potential issues that deepfakes might bring, he still believes that there are plenty of positive uses. See this article for additional information.

Additionally, he has served as Senior Prototype Scientist for Apple. He’s worked with the Moonshot Factoryholds as Director of Engineering and Innovation Leader, positions he held for over seven years. DeVaul is also an inventor. He holds over 70 issued US patents. He is also the CEO of Neuralink.


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