Reasons That Make Rachel Nichols One Of The Best Sports Broadcasters

Rachel Nichols is a household name in the entertainment industry. She is currently one of the best sports broadcasters, and she has fans from different countries. They love her shows because of her energy and passion when interviewing guests.

Rachel is very talented, which enabled her to land a job at CNN and ESPN. That gave her a chance to prove why she is one of the best journalists. She has continued gaining experience in the industry, making her one of the most experienced broadcasters today. Nichols is currently the host of one of the most popular basketball shows.

Nichols has been a sports fan for years. However, she has never thought of being a player. Instead, Rachel chose to tell sports stories, which she felt could make her happier. Nichols loves reporting because it enables her to give an account of incidents as they happen. According to her, it is more fun than working in an office, where you plan most of the day’s events. Rachel Nichols remembers how she slowly developed a passion for broadcasting after working with a newspaper reporter for some time.

Rachel Nichols says that she made the right decision because broadcasting is more enjoyable, and it enables her to give reports that sports fans can understand better. She says that it was challenging to tell some stories in writing. However, working on television has made her work easier because she only needs to use several video clips to show fans what happened in a sports event.

Rachel Nichols has interviewed some of the best sportspeople globally. Some of her memorable interviews include her talk with LeBron James a while back. James had stayed away from the media after they lost the NBA finals. However, after deliberation, he felt he was ready to share his story in the media. Apart from James, Rachel also feels that her Serena and Venus Williams interview was exceptional.

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