QNET involves selling its products to customers all-round the globe through its e-commerce platform. They involve direct selling by offering high-quality products and allowing their customers to sell their products by promoting them. The company slogan states well that they uplift livelihoods of the people and make sure they power than in terms of entrepreneurship by brightening their lifestyles.

It runs with diversity for being a truly well-built global business with an Asian heritage but works across the Middle East, East and South of Asia, and Europe and Africa. It has ensured that many micro-entrepreneurs emerge in the economy through their support.

QNET ensures they bring together their customers and distributors all-round the globe and make them part of their global community by ensuring they can take charge of their lives. They have made millions of their customers satisfied over the last twenty years through their transformation in their lives.

QNET core values include integrity, service, leadership, and sustainability, ensuring they pledge to every customer they vet to serve. They work well as they profoundly got inspired by the founders like Mahatma Gandhi, who used the teachings of the RYTHM. It means emulating the idea of helping and empowering others I ensuring they succeed y using the slogan of Raising Yourself to Help Mankind.

For every economy to stands requires two pillars to run, which include business and commerce. Once a ripple effect gets created, things start moving, thus causing multiple ripple effects on the other end and thus forms a good start for the economy. Direct selling forms a good example that forms a constant inflow and outflow of money, making someone take something at home. It makes the business run smoothly by making a start of few having the opportunity and later creating multiple opportunities.

Direct selling eliminates all the chances of intermediaries, which makes all businesses comply with the patterns of their desires. It makes the manufacturer produces the product, which traverses directly to wholesalers who gets the retailers directly. Read this article for more information.


Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=328U3GXPJdA, for more information.