Mr. Cooper Mortgage Offers a Variety of Loan Types

The former Nationstar Mortgage Holdings now known as Mr. Cooper was established in 1994. They have their main offices in Dallas, Texas where most of their operations are monitored. They mainly offer services and inaugurations loans to homeowners all over the U.S. According to statistics, by the year 2007, the organization had 7,000 employees working for it.

Mr. Cooper has a net worth of $500 billion making it one of the biggest real estate companies in the U.S. They changed their name in 2017 to personalize their brand. The main idea was established in Denver in 1994 and founded as Nova Credit Corporation. In 1997, they moved to Dallas where they re-branded the name to Centex Credit Corporation as they mainly served as loaners to people who wanted to build new houses.

Later in 2001, the corporation was amalgamated into Centex Home Equity and they operated under that name until 2005 when they decided to leave all businesses that were not related to home-building. They renamed themselves in 2006 and adapted the name Nationstar Mortgage.

This organization launched in March 2012 as an organization offering New York Stock Exchange. The organization grew and expanded over time increasing its popularity all over the United States. In 2017, they decided that the name was too formal and wanted a more personalized name to connect better with their clients and ended up calling it Mr. Cooper.

After several lawsuits in 2018, Mr. Cooper paid a huge sum of money in New York and California because of breaking banking laws in the stated countries. In 2020, they were also charged for maladministration in foreclosure.

Over the years, Mr. Cooper has acquired several companies including Greenlight Financial Services, Real Estate Digital, and Experience 1. All these acquisitions were made in different years but have all played a great role in the success of the organization.