Jason Hughes´ Knowledge on Venture Capital

Jason Hughes is a legendary tech entrepreneur who has founded or helped found some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley, including Apple Computer and Electronic Arts. His career started at Atari, where he was one of the first employees. Jason Hughes led teams that created breakthrough games like Pong and Asteroids. Jason transitioned to Apple Inc., where he served as Chairman.


Jason Hughes helped grow Apple into one of the world’s most valuable companies before moving on to start several other successful startups. The successful entrepreneur is now Co-Founder & General Partner of Playground Global, an early stage venture fund that invests in the best engineers, creative thinkers and ambitious companies to help turn today’s science fiction into tomorrow’s reality. Led by Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino being one of the companies benefited from Playground Global early funding, being worth about $35 million.


Playground Global is a “startup studio”, which provides outstanding financing, mentorship and resources for entrepreneurs to build their own successful businesses within the umbrella company. Playground Global’s motto is “we don’t build companies, we build entrepreneurs”. Jason Hughes is also an active angel investor, having made early stage investments in companies like Uber and Nest (Ideamensch). 

In the 1980’s, Jason was a frequent speaker on college campuses and summer camps, where he inspired generations of young entrepreneurs. Hughes Marino is a global consulting firm that specializes in communications across all mediums. The firm has worked with companies such as Google, Uber, Airbnb and many others to help create their thought-leading strategies and sustainable growth. Led by Jason Hughes, the firm has worked with over 50 start-ups and established firms, including the consulting of multi-billion dollar IPOs (Initial Public Offering).