Jason Hope as a Top Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur who makes predictions on future technologies that turn out to be accurate. Hale studied at W.P Carey School of Business, where he got his MBA. He is an activist investor who is devoted and skilled in the area of specialization and often participates in charity works. The thoughts that Jason Hope had concerning future technology are what most people find intriguing.


The Internet of Things is becoming more popular each day. In order to have your surroundings under control, you can connect devices that were previously common through the Internet of Things. Regarding Jason Hope´s suggestions, this technology will be extraordinary compared to the past technologies. Jason Hope believes that more devices will be connected as the Internet of Things continues to develop, leading to high efficiency in Business and even personal life.


Jason Hope and The Internet of Things


Moreover, this technology will instantly and conveniently manage tasks. Health-related issues will also be connected to the Internet of Things more than homes. By this, the quality of health and wellness will be enhanced. Jason Hope is a true believer in charity work and has always been active for the SENS Research Foundation. Almost a decade ago, Jason offered the foundation a good contribution that shocked the charitable world. 

Researching and curing the aging process are the current new advances that the foundation is working on. Although curing illnesses that are a result of aging are the main focus of the foundations. The SENS Foundation is able to accomplish this by developing biotechnologies. For Jason Hope, the Internet of Things and the SENS Foundation is focused on improving life in the coming years.