Intriguing Points About IM Academy

Finding the academies that can teach us new skills is challenging. Learning new skills online can be complicated, especially if we don’t know where to begin. For this, IM Academy is an online platform that teaches trading and e-commerce. It focuses on educating and empowering its students.

Mainly famous for its forex trading, IM Academy gives students all the necessary means to unleash their maximum potential. By subscribing to the courses, each student can access recorded lectures and a comprehensive e-library.

About IM Academy

In 2013, IM Academy was created by young entrepreneurs Terry and Issus de la Torre. They aimed to provide an online teaching platform that will give young minds the financial freedom they need. Today, started as a small setup, IM Academy has over 225,000 active subscribers availing of its services.

Previously known as IM Mastery Academy, the online platform provides education on foreign exchange, e-commerce, digital currencies, and frequency foreign exchange. Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemics, the online-based setup continued to provide top-quality education without any geographical barriers.

About the Courses

The education is provided through modules. Each course covers four modules called academies. Each of these academies helps students have a piece of knowledge around both trading and businesses. The courses include:

GoLive sessions– Experts conduct unlimited active sessions to help students with any queries. The live sessions are conducted in 13 different languages also at different time zones. So, anyone can adjust them into their time.

Recorded video lessons- The recorded video lectures can be watched as many times as needed.

Online quizzes- At the end of every lecture, there is an optional quiz ensuring students have understood the lesson before moving on to the next. These are valuable and can help people get started on their journey to financial freedom. See related link for additional information.


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