Greg Blatt Managerial Skills Leads Him To Attain Great Success In The Corporate Industry

Greg Blatt is a top executive who has had a great career path thanks to his excellent leadership skills. After completing his degree in law from Columbia University, he got accepted to a leading mergers and acquisition company in New York. He notes that the job was demanding, but he insists that it helped him develop a strong work ethic.

He later took up a job at an entertainment law firm that he was convinced would help him venture into screenwriting. However, this didn’t turn out as expected because he went on to get close with Martha Stewart, one of the company’s clients, who offered him a position at her company. After four years working for Martha Stewart, Blatt received a recommendation for general counsel at IAC, which he took.

he acknowledges that joining IAC was a great opportunity for him because he had the same responsibility at Martha Stewart. The only significant difference is that the responsibility was greater because he had to apply his knowledge to over 100 subsidiaries. Eventually, the company’s CEO noticed his great managerial skills and encouraged him to take part in the company’s leadership besides his duty as a general counsel. Visit this page for more information.

Greg Blatt possesses excellent problem-solving skills, and this is why when one of their subsidiary was underperforming, he was requested to streamline its operation. Within a few months after taking charge of Match’s operation, he had already increased their subscriber-based and steered the company towards profitability. This success propelled him to become the CEO of Tinder and Match Group and later on IAC.

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt earned his undergraduate degree from Colgate University before pursuing law from Colombia law school. He has served under different capacities over the years, including serving as an associate at Rosen & Katz and general counsel at Martha Stewart Omnimedia.


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