Grants Assist Consultation and Education

Grants Assist is a relatively new venture aimed at those in Australia whom exhibit creative, entrepreneurial prowess in launching a new business or nonprofit entity, or expanding the same. Grants Assist was founded in June 2018 and has received favorable online press and user testimonials. As noted, Australia has up to 6,000 resources offering various types of grants. Furthermore, many of these are offered to a defined industry or audience.

Personnel with Grants Assist have expertise in the grant application process and bring a sense of aplomb in serving prospective customers and organizations. Moreover, the company offers a thorough overview online to readers about the grant process as well as contact information for those seeking further noteworthy detail.

The online information provided by Grants Assist familiarizes one with eligibility requirements that include one needing to be a resident of Australia. Moreover, grants either come in the form of monetary allocation or incentives. Generally, the financial range for grant allocation is said to be between $5,000.00 (AU) to $500,000.00. In a respective application, location and type of one’s venture are noted.

The company offers grant writing services to prospective patrons in addition to the aforementioned. The company also provides customers an updated database listing germane listings of grant sources.

At the onset, one using their profit or savings to grow an entity is not discouraged, especially if market entry or expansion are immediate goals. However, applying for an appropriate type of grant is one alternative for those considering more long-range goals. Alongside this prospect, considering other appurtenant strategies such as marketing and training are recognized.