DSI Integrates Its Field And Cloud Inventory Management System With Salesforce’s CRM

DSI is one of the world’s renowned provider of latest Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management services. Thanks to its experience in the field and cloud inventory solutions sector, the company announced a few days ago that its working on modalities that will see the integration of some of its latest innovative services in the cloud inventory with Salesforce.

Hitherto, it is not clear on the manner in which DSI is planning to execute that plan but insiders argue that once the deal goes through, Salesforce clients who have subscribed to the company’s Cloud Inventory management will not be required to make any move from their houses.

Of a major concern for now is Salesforce’s customer relations management (CRM), which once the deal sails through will benefit the two companies’ clients a great deal. In addition, with the new application in place, Salesforce users who have been waiting for such a platform will now for the first time be in a position to integrate data.

Part of what the users need to now integrate, include captured data, equipment’s accurate data, tools, cloud inventory as well as field inventory management orders. For many years now, Salesforce has been championing for the integration of CRM services to its clients. By partnering with DSI, the cloud-based firm is now certain that it will continue to enhance its complementary suites to reach even more clients.

Because Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management systems are mobile-first services, it will no longer be a problem for clients to make service orders using their mobile phones. Apart from making orders, users can be able to monitor the state of the orders they have made and even know the state of the service order. What is more, clients are able to know the amount of labor needed and used to make and service the order, all these done in real time. Refer to this article to learn more.


Visit their page on https://www.cloudinventory.com/, for more information.