Dick DeVos gets things done in Michigan like few others Can

Dick DeVos utilizes his business experience to deliver worthwhile results in his community. He is a CEO in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick’s background in the capacity of a chief executive officer dates back to the 1990s when he worked at the Amway Corporation.


Dick has worked along with other business leaders in the city. They got together to suggest ²improvements to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport which is located in Grand Rapids. One of the positive results was that service at the airport was expanded. Southwest Airlines began to add flights to and from the airport.


His family owned Amway from 1959 when Dick DeVos was a little boy. His father was a co-founder. The family business was always a large part of Dick’s life. In its early years, Amway was run out of the basement of his house. He had the entrepreneurial spirit that led him to success in that company as well as in his subsequent companies. Dick DeVos is a shrewd investor, and he is now the head of Windquest Group, a respected Michigan-based private equity firm.


Dick DeVos co-founded the DeVos foundation with his wife Betsy. He and his wife are known for their philanthropy. They have committed millions of dollars to many of the causes in which they believe. Dick is known for his support of charter schools, He opened a school in Michigan to help implement the option of school choice for the local students. He devotes a lot of his time to helping children in the community achieve their dreams through education.