Defend Haiti´s Democracy Continues Fight For Democracy

Haiti has a crisis on its hands. The parliament has been broken down due to stalled elections. As a result of the lack of structures in democracy, there has been a massive uptick in gang leaders in Haiti. Kidnappings, violence, and murder are recurring themes in Haiti. Jovenel Moise, who was the President of Haiti, was killed in July. According to human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir, Moise had developed his own police forces to combat the increased gang activity. 


Shortly after the assassination of president Jovenel Moise, Haiti’s interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, announced he is stepping down. Ariel Henry is now the Prime Minister of Haiti following Joseph’s departure. The Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization and movement has been put in place to help. It’s a system that is in place to help put a stop to violations of basic children’s human rights (Londonlovesbusiness). 


The ultimate goal is to restore democracy, have a peaceful transition, and put a stop to the violence. Defend Haiti’s Democracy calls on people to contact their local representatives or a parliament member to help Haiti during this time of crisis. Those who wish to help can also sign an open letter that urges those in positions of power to act. The site provides links to reach out to the right contacts to help Haiti. Georgette Mulheir is a spokesperson for Defend Haiti’s Democracy. She believes the current crisis Haiti is dealing with is the worst in a generation. Mulheir says that Haiti needs outside help and that those in power have the ability to put an end to the violation of human rights.

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