Data Systems International (DSI) Launches The Latest Version Of Cloud Inventory Platform

Data Systems International has launched a new version of its cloud inventory platform. The company says that this latest iteration includes significant improvements in performance and security, and other features to help organizations manage their assets more efficiently.

This release reinforces our commitment to providing the most innovative technology for the enterprise market, said DSI CEO, David Kaplan. “We are pleased to offer even greater functionality with Cloud Inventor 7.0 including enhancements such as improved user experience and enhanced scalability. We also made it easier for customers to access critical information from anywhere on any device.”

Features of the Cloud Inventory platform include:

– A customizable dashboard to provide real-time information on assets, users and more.

– The ability to establish secure remote connections for employees with mobile devices or laptops travelling without disrupting their local network settings.

– Enhanced security features that enable customers to ensure secure access to the system.

Support for multiple users and locations and expanded APIs so organizations can integrate existing systems with Cloud Inventor. “Our latest version of DSI’s flagship product focuses on providing an even greater user experience,” said Steve Kramer, vice president of sales at Data Systems International. “We are excited to provide our customers with the tools needed to manage their inventory more effectively.”

“The Cloud Inventory platform can help organizations increase efficiency and productivity across their entire workforce,” he added. “s latest version takes the proven functionality of our last release to a whole new level.”

DSI Global is an industry leader in providing cloud-based inventory management software for regulated industries, such as government and commercial.

The company has been helping organizations manage their inventory since 2001 by integrating powerful features into a flexible platform that can be easily accessed from anywhere on any device. DSI’s cloud Inventor also boasts an intuitive interface, comprehensive reporting capabilities and unlimited scalability to meet the needs of growing organizations.

Through this platform, DSI offers organizations access to dedicated support and proactive managed services that can help them optimize their supply chain management processes. Refer to this page for more information.


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