Career Journey for Edgard Corona in the Fitness Industry

Edgard Corona ranks among the most famous fitness experts. As the founder and CEO of Smartfit, he has influenced many fitness devotees throughout his career. He has other professional responsibilities that include serving Bio Ritmo as the commander. Under the organization, there exist 480 fitness centers that generated significant wealth in the recent past.

Edgard Corona appreciates a life of fame from 1996 when he founded Bio Ritmo. At first, he had minimal experience in the industry, so he only operated a single center. As time went by, the CEO gained exposure and skills, becoming popular across the globe. Today, he stands as one of the most experienced and adorned fitness experts that the sector offers.

Past engagements

Before founding the fitness brand, the CEO had other professional engagements in the engineering industry. With his chemical engineering experience, the entrepreneur was in charge of a sugar mill factory belonging to the Corona family. The business ranked among the most influential since it had a fully equipped chemical laboratory.

Today, Edgard has built an international profile with the 480 gyms under his name. He has developed Smartfit to the international market, making it a global icon. Under his management, the brand has established centers in multiple locations where it dominates the fitness industry. Its presence in the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Chile, Mexico, and Ecuador is beneficial to the followers.

Modern technology has improved the workout experience as the number of followers continues to grow daily. The influence has extended to other sectors across many regions. The entrepreneur is proud of transforming the fitness industry for the years he has served.

In his early 60s, Edgard Corona made a name in the international world as the ambassador of reputable brands such as Endeavor. He has registered significant career achievements and creating Smartfit is the greatest. He has seen the company overcome the COVID-19 challenges by introducing carefully considered measures. The entrepreneur enjoys helping fitness enthusiasts to achieve their objectives. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.