Activision Blizzard To Be Purchased by Microsoft

When Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard they have plans to provide incentive to improve the workplace culture. Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision could earn a $22 billion dollar in stocks. The condition of this is that the Workplace Responsibility Committee must conclude the corporate culture and work environment have improved. This involves gender related issues and commitments.

Activision Blizzard created the Workplace Responsibility Committee to monitor new policies, commitments, and procedure in 2021. Its goal was to make the workplace safer and more professional for both men and women. They are monitoring the companies on its goals which are increasing visibility on pay equity, investing $250 million to hire diverse talent, using arbitration for sexual harassment cases, instituting a zero sexual harassment policy, and hiring nonbinary applicants and women to a percentage of 50%.

Microsoft has plans to buy Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. It will boost or enlarge their X-box gaming division. It is expected to improve their workplace environment located in Santa Monica, California. When the merger is final, they plan to have the best people in each job. They want to make workplace safety an issue that is part of the daily routine.

The decision by Microsoft to buy Activision made sense with its goal of diversifying and moving into cloud gaming. This company has the content to create user interest and revenue for Microsoft. But this deal could face problems with the culture and regulatory issues being watched. They decided to buy this company because gaming has become a part of their revenue.

When the merger is complete that plan to institute a strict policy to improve their culture and Activision Blizzard. They will depend on Phil Spencer who has shown leadership in gaming and cultural change at Activision. He will be working on new games and improving the cultural atmosphere in both companies.

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