Abdulla Humaidi Influence through Strategic Venture Funding

Abdulla Al Humaidi, the alumnus of Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, is the founder and CEO of Kuwaiti European Holdings Company. The visionary industrialist engages in strategic investing predominantly in the leisure, medical, and hotel sectors in the UK, Kuwait, and Egypt. The business model of Kuwait European Holdings focuses on the real estate, leisure, and financial sectors globally. Under the leadership of the avid entrepreneur Abdulla Al Humaidi, KEH carefully scrutinizes high-tier premeditated investments that are decided on based on their potential to bring the highest return on investment.


At the same time, they are impacting the communities around them. Armila Capital is an investment banking firm that primarily focuses on high-end commercial finance consultative, real estate advisory, and strategic consulting. The group has also invested in the London Resort and has networked with global media brands such as the BBC. Business mogul Abdulla Al Humaidi also initiated a partnership with Egypt-based ESTRICO facilitating the construction of the Aqueous Resort, a world-class beach resort along the Red Sea coastline. 


With the success of the first phase, the Kuwaiti European Holding, under the leadership of Abdulla Al Humaidi, seeks to direct funding into the second phase of the project. The Kuwait European Holdings Group engages in venture funding of real estate companies such as the Quantum real Estate in Hong Kong and the Landmarque Property Group in Ireland. Qarun Lake Tourism & Investment Company is also a subsidiary of the KEH in Egypt. With a lifelong passion for football, KEH CEO Abdulla Al Humaidi positioned his investment in Ebbsfleet United FC, a non-league club influencing its growth.

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