Trey Branham has grown into a senior counsel and partner at Dean Omar Braham Shirley

In addition to his role at Dean Omar Branham Shirley, Trey is a partner at the firm. Branham’s practice focuses on employment and labor law and includes litigation relating to employee safety and rights. Branham’s early success can be attributed to his family, particularly his mother.

Before joining Dean Omar Branham and Shirley, Trey Branham completed his undergraduate degree at Florida State University. The firm’s reputation for aggressive advocacy in the area of litigation has made Trey a sought-after lawyer.

Trey Branham is also a criminal defense attorney at Dean Omar Branham Shirley. Branham says that while his clients do not want revenge, they wish to use the justice system to stop these vicious acts. Branham also expresses displeasure with employers who only think about profits and ignore the welfare of their employees and the safety of their products. Those are some of the reasons Branham has a passion for working as an attorney.

As a Dean Omar Branham and Shirley LLP partner, Trey has a diverse and rewarding background. Branham has 20 years of experience handling various legal cases and trials. In addition, Trey is also a member of several professional associations. Branham has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives through his work.

After starting his legal career in 1999, Trey Branham has grown into a senior counsel and partner at Dean Omar Braham Shirley LLP. Branham has had success in the courts, representing both businesses and individuals.

Despite having a solid work ethic, Trey Branham still aspires to be a lawyer and has achieved many accolades. Branham has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of South Carolina School of Law. While in law school, Branham served as associate articles editor of the South Carolina Law Review.