Sparkasse Bank Malta, An Investment and Depository Funding Bank

Seeking to remain transparent, with integrity, the Sparkasse Bank Malta serves investment firms, private banking customers, managers of assets, and corporations since 2000. Sparkasse Bank was established in Malta, and now has a branch in Dublin. It’s mission is to offer customer’s services that are made available by qualified, dedicated professional teams who specialize in banking and investments.

Privacy and security is Sparkasse Bank Malta’s mission. With an appreciation and understanding of it’s customers, Sparkasse Bank’s dedicated team offers a conservative approach to solutions that support customers in investments, depository services, corporate funding, and also to it’s private customers. With transparency and integrity, Sparkasse Bank Malta also proudly offers services such as trading and money market investments. Sound advice is available from qualified professionals at the Trade Desk.

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Funded by the Malta Financial Services Authorities, Sparkasse Bank Malta has made available to it’s customers depository services since 2008. As an investment firm and private banking firm, it guarantees safety and expertise by professionals who care about their customers. It was established in 2000.

Experts in both trading and settlements are available to customers who invest in equities and structured funds, money market funds, and Forex trading. DVP and FOP transfers are available to customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

With headquarters located in Silema, Malta, and a branch in Dublin, Ireland. Sparkasse Bank Malta is a subsidiary of Sparkasse Holdings Limited, and it is owned by Antielsverwaltungssparkasse Schwaz. It serves as both an investment and depository bank, and it also welcomes private banking customers.