Quentin Flannery Enjoys Giving Back

Run by Quentin Flannery, Act For Kids is on a mission to make a big difference in children’s lives. Doesn’t this sound really great? Here is everything that you need to know about this fantastic organization. 


Who Is Quentin Flannery? 


Many people have never heard of Quentin Flannery. Have you ever heard of him? He is a prominent investor based in Australia. He is proud to manage several family companies. 


Here’s How The Organization Serves The Community 


The organization prides itself in offering a wide range of incredible services including therapy, family intervention, residential, and education. Which service interests you most? If you know a child that has been sexually abused, you may be interested in the therapy services. The organization also offers an incredible counseling and intervention service. Quentin Flannery pointed out that also, the organization also serves the community by bringing awareness to child abuse. The Flannery Foundation is a big supporter of this incredible organization. Give the organization a call if you’d like to become an official partner. 


Make A Difference Today. Be A Volunteer.


Would you like to serve the community in a great way? Why not volunteer with this prominent organization? If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer, make sure to give the organization a call today. For Quentin Flannery and team members at the foundation, it has become very important to help more and more people. The organization will definitely notify you of upcoming events. 


Meet Quentin Flannery


This prominent entrepreneur strongly believes in giving back to the community. He is the primary leader of the Flannery Foundation. He also donates to well over twenty-five charities in Australia. Aren’t you impressed? 


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