Professor Peter Swan And Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy was established that trading is a skill as much as any other skill hence becoming a leader in training trading education. It was started over more than 23 years and has expanded to 7 countries with over 40 different locations.

Online Trading Academy has come up with a platform that uses technology used to teach, practice, and develop skills in financial education. They organize courses for retail traders and investors ready to learn how to manage risk, build confidence, and increase their knowledge.

Online Trading Academy has done different research that has proven much about investors. Brad Barber and Terrence Odeon researched the behavior of individual investors which they found out that investors and retail traders always lose money.

Professor Peter Swan did another research; He is a Lecturer at the University of South Wales Sydney. Together with Wei LU and Joakim Westerholm, they researched other people’s money, which showed opposite results from the previous study.

Professor Swan and his friends used a methodology known as “holding–period invariant” (HPI), which avoided the biased Calendar time (C-T). Professor Swan explained by telling people that they have been misled for over 40 years by using Calendar Time (C-T) in research, giving them the wrong results. It makes investors think of a return over from a period of a day, week, or month that never comes. It makes the investors either exit from the investment buy more or retain, which largely depends on the sales and costs purchased.

Professor Swan lastly concluded that their Holding Period Invariant (HPI) Methodology was much realistic in making a round trip of trades, which once applied gave healthy corresponding with the dataset.

Mike Richardson, The President of Online Training Academy, alluded to Professor Swan’s research and methodology by saying it aligned with their experience for many years. After the study, the educated retailers and investors from the academy were more informed and had a different experience than the uneducated.

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