Jake Medwell Pinpoints the Rising Inflation in the US

When asked about infrastructure and tax plans in the country, Jake Medwell responded that there is more to be done. Reports done on 7th May indicate that there are still weak job reports, below the expected figures. Jake Medwell is a renowned entrepreneur in the country. He is the founder and owner of 8VC, which focuses on both consumer and enterprise investments. Most of his active career he spent on entrepreneurship. Therefore, before he founded 8VC, he had founded Humin. The latter was a mobile consumer company that helped him build a strong engineering team. He also founded the Kairos Society and currently sits on the board of directors. During the coronavirus pandemic, Jake co-founded Operation Masks, a company involved with the production of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. Such vast experience in leadership and management has enabled him to grow these companies that he manages.

During the coronavirus pandemic, employment has been one of the major concerns. People lost jobs and loved ones. Therefore, the economy declined, making life difficult for most citizens. The federal government promised to tackle the issue to avoid the increasing rise of inflation. However, the Biden administration has not heeded their promise. Jake Medwell continues to state that there is a 0.8% increase in inflation. This is not good news as this is the highest increase experienced within the decade. As a result, people expect a larger spending bill later in the year. Even though there is an increased tax hike, it is expected to be smaller than the previously proposed.

Learn more about Jake; https://www.forbes.com/30-under-30-2017/venture-capital/