Hassan Jameel Business Journey

Hassan Jameel is the current President of Abdul Latif Jameel, a company his father founded in 1945. Over the past 75 years, the company has grown from a small enterprise to one of the largest family businesses in the world. Under Hassan’s leadership, Abdul Latif Jameel has continued to grow and expand its reach, with operations in over 30 countries across multiple industries, including automotive, real estate, financial services, and consumer goods.

In recent years, Hassan Jameel has been focused on digitizing the company’s operations and expanding its online presence. He has spearheaded the launch of several new e-commerce platforms and online businesses, including Jumia (an online marketplace for African consumers) and Koochi (a digital car dealership in Saudi Arabia). Hassan has also invested in a number of tech startups, including the popular ride-hailing app Careem.

Hassan Jameel is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He is married to supermodel Naomi Campbell, and they have one child together. The two lead a happy life and inspire each other to pursue their business goals.

With Hassan’s leadership in place, Abdul Latif Jameel has continued to open new branches, discover new products and expand its reach, with operations across multiple industries all over the world. Today, the name of Jameel is associated with success all over Africa and Saudi Arabia.The young people view Hassan as their star and role model.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated ALJ’s digitization plans, with the company launching several new online businesses and investing in a number of tech startups. Hassan’s career is an inspiration to anyone looking to build a successful business.

Thanks to Hassan Jameel’s vision and leadership, Abdul Latif Jameel is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come. Under his stewardship, the company will maintain its position as a leading player in the global marketplace.

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