Greg Blatt’s Thoughts on Empowerment: Why Leadership Requires Challenging Employees

Greg Blatt, CEO of Tinder and Match Group, recently published an article on empowering your employees. The article discusses Blatt’s own experience with empowering his employees and the importance of giving them challenges to be successful. It also talks about why empathy is key when you are communicating with your team members. Blatt’s article is based on an interview with HOW TO.

According to Greg Blatt, the key points to note are how empowered employees can drive positive change, why leadership requires challenging employees and the benefits of empathy. Empowering your employees requires you to give them the opportunity for success and make sure they are getting challenges to meet their goals successfully. A productive employee leads to a company’s success, hence the need to ensure that your employees are innovative and understand transformational leadership.

Greg Blatt talks about how he empowered his employees by giving them a challenge that they could excel in. He also talks about why empathy is key when communicating with your employees and how it can help build trust between you both. Blatt’s article discusses his own experience, so give this one a read if you haven’t already. You might gain some insight from an experienced CEO.

Blatt defines the standard and surpasses it every single time when it comes to excellence. Having been to places like Telluride, CO, as well as San Francisco, CA, and even to France, at one point, he has had the rich opportunity to become more and more accultured to different customs and practices.

Greg Blatt is the CEO of Match Group, one of the world’s largest dating products and services providers. He has been involved in some way with every aspect of the business for over two decades. Greg Blatt has also served as chairman on many boards, including IAC, CBS and Lending Tree, Inc. (LEND). See this article for additional information.


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