Former Securities and Exchange Commission, Online Trading Academy Chief Economist, Urges Financial Experts To Acquire Education

It is not always you hear anyone asking a financial expert to continue taking up knowledge. Most financial analysts are known to be people who have already amassed a lot of knowledge in managing different sections of a company’s finances. However, Jeffrey H. Harris, the former SEC and Online Trading Academy Chief Economist reiterates that it is important for all people interested in doing business especially online trade have the requisite knowledge. Mr. Harris agrees that for the many years he has worked in the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission, he has had a chance to hear the word education several times. He agrees that he has used the work many times when urging his colleagues to understand the value of taking up the right knowledge.

Aware of the need to acquire the right knowledge, the former Chief Economist, while at Online Trading Academy saw the firm hire a few financial experts. The need was so immense that the firm had to pay the financial experts huge amounts of money to analyze the financial status of the firm. Harris argues that if OTA can do that, nobody is left out. After working for many years at SEC and Online Trading Academy, Mr. Harris recently moved to Goldman Sachs where he serves as the chair in the firm’s finance division. In one of his famous speeches, Harris said, “I am one passionate person about the acquisition of financial education. To me, this should be a life skill that helps one not only understand his firm but even the economy of his country.”

The former Chief Economist said that because many people don’t get financial education in universities, he is pushing for the same education in collaborations with Online Trading Academy and the American University, which he believes will reach an even larger audience.

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