Edgard Corona’s Significance in the Fitness Industry

Edgard Corona is a renowned CEO of the SmartFit start-up in the region’s fitness industry. As an impact in his field of expertise, he is also managing director and founder of Ritmo and SmartFit organizations. Under his profound leadership, the companies generated up to one billion dollars for their onsite 480 fitness center.

Edgard Corona started the Bio Ritmo chain in Santo Amaro (Sa Paulo) in 1996 with a single unit and no prior experience in the industry. He has been the group’s executive chair and primary name since then. Previously, the entrepreneur worked for the Corona family’s sugar mills as a qualified chemical engineer. There was also a chemical laboratory on the premises.

The company has its grounds spreading to Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and the most anticipated center, which will be in Latin America. The growth of the fitness centers all around the western region has been so commendable, with about 1.58 million students. However, Estonia has shown tremendous growth overall, with more enrolled people than the present gyms in the Corona network.

The fitness Center enterprise has undoubtedly transformed the way people exercise in the regions and further encouraging the smaller percentage to reform their practices. The presence of tech has also had a fundamental impact on how people view exercising. For the company, it has become an infallible method of scale and slowly proving to be one of the biggest economies of recurrence.

Edgard Corona, who has continuously played a fantastic significance in the growth of SmartFit and Bio Ritmo, now at sixty-one, is CEO of the fourth largest fitness conglomerate globally. In the upcoming times, he predicts an increase of 20% of the populace.

In Latin America alone, he says the numbers would increase from the present 480 to about 1200. However, he also promises quality in all fitness centers, mentioning that gyms are a daily service. To ensure customer delight, they guarantee customers get out feeling challenged and nurtured.