Edgard Corona and the Fitness Explosion

Edgard Corona recently grew his Smart Fit fitness and learning schools until it reached 2 million students. He is planning on expanding even more with his company going into the new year, no matter what happens, One thing that many people have admired about Edgard Corona is that he is good at adapting to change. During Covid over the last year, he was forced to shut down his gyms but managed to keep something happening anyway, by giving the Smart Fit students and members a way of continuing to exercise and learn remotely.

This came in the form of remote content and live people who let these processes continued. Edgard Corona has recently opened up his gyms again, including hundreds of them throughout South America, but already has a strategy of what to do if there’s a problem and there’s another resurgence as he is constantly developing remote programs. In fact, Edgard Corona is producing videos about how to exercise wherever you are with whatever you can find in your house. So, in other words, he is prepared for either eventuality. His gyms are so popular that he opened the Bio Ritmo gyms only to top his own company by making the Smart Fit gyms that did even better.

His development of these remote programs was also partly in preparation for when the virus either dies down or everyone is vaccinated and less worried about leaving their houses. During situations where it isn’t safe, Edgard Corona has always done whatever is necessary to comply with local and more widespread legal ordinances. The idea is to work with the community and not against it. After all, Edgard wants his businesses to be a positive force in the local area that helps to increase the health and wellness of the populations that use his gyms. To know more click: here.