Comprehensive Details Regarding The IM Academy

The IM Academy is a business that specializes in digital learning products as well as services focused on teaching skills and knowledge necessary for foreign trading. Delivery happens online vis live interaction content leveraged by app-based and pre-recorded content. The IM Academy is found in the US, and is based in New York City, and was established in 2013 by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry to provide education and learning chances to students.

IM Academy’s objective was to facilitate the clients with interactive and accessible training to ensure they develop skills they could easily apply to individual trading. The agency boasts of having more than 225,000 active customers of the services and products on offer.

IM Academy always adopts a remote model for the personnel and does not maintain office real estate. Thereby the business hires talent without restrictions, and to show that it was intended to operate via emergency orders related to the coronavirus pandemic. IM Academy’s products are some modules called academies, and so four different training programs are offered to clients where they can buy via the website.

These four academies include; FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX. IM Academy also provides some discounted packages called Elite Academy that combine HFX, FRX, and DCX at a 54% discount. Also, a 48% discount is assured on a monthly subscription unlike buying these academies individually.

Every academy’s content is delivered through access to interactive digital sessions with trainers called IM educators in a service referred to as goLive. These goLive sessions are provided on several days in about 13 languages at varying times to absorb learners in different time zones.

A session never exceeds one hour, and so students can ask questions and discuss with IM Educators the studied subject matter. The learners can also get pre-recorded modules for all the videos. Also, the IM Academy app can help because the content can be pre-recorded and availed on mobile devices. See this page for additional information.


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