ClassDojo used in childcare facility through Monmouth ACTS

According to an article from Insider NJ, they highlight a non-profit that supplies a center for disabled and special needs children to learn and succeed. COVID-19 caused a lot of trials and tribulations with funding and cut staff. Monmouth ACTS and other organizations stepped in to help during this time. CCR partnered with Monmouth ACTS to help the center open and care for children.

The executive director of childcare services and others described how the funding helped them open and stay alive during the pandemic. The director also stated how tough the year was for children and the community at large.

One of the main things they did was implementing the classroom management app and platform ClassDojo. The application gets everyone involved, from staff, parents, and teachers. Teachers are able to provide parents with intel to help their children through the use of videos and pictures taken throughout the planned day.

ClassDojo allowed the community to be together and for students to learn remotely. The platform has all the necessary tools for community and work. Monmouth ACTS has helped out many nonprofits throughout their time. People can learn more about the organization by visiting their main website. When it comes to ClassDojo, it allows parents and teachers a line of communication through private messaging services. Students are rewarded for their positive actions and behaviors in class through a point system. ClassDojo is used by many schools and organizations to bridge the gap in education.

ClassDojo’s: Facebook Page.