Alfons Hörmann's theory on German sports

Six and a half weeks before his departure as head of the German International Sports Federation (DOSB) on December 4, Alfons Hörmann and Now spoke. The value of sports in a pandemic for national health is not recognized by legislators and ministry officials, according to the Rhein Neckar Zeitung.

Damage control itself

Even if Hermann didn’t say so, the German Professional Sports Association and the State Sports Association had to agree. For example, a top official authorized a big chunk of the checking account to be changed. After eight years of the present leader’s DOSB administration, the list will be held accountable if it genuinely reflects the situation of German sports: Alfons Hörmann.

A 61-year-old Allgäu woman is travelling across the nation to avoid injury. But that implies the story is over. A lengthy history of battles for the survival of German athletics has seen triumph, vigour, and tragedy. A selection committee chaired by former Federal President Christian Wulff was interested in hearing from some contenders.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the principal government funder in elite sports. Congress’s previous Sports Commission beat the DOSB. A massive contrast from DOSB leadership said International Commission President Thomas Bach.

The task is enormous. A lack of funding for young people and senior sports groups was identified during the pandemic. The DOSB was not invited to the policy hearing. The abandonment shows that athlete Germany is a confident group, to make matters worse.

People want the DOSB to combine sports with nature maintenance. He must also accelerate the reform of elite sports while reducing bureaucracy. He can also set up a competing sports company and convince BMI staff that profound, if not harmful, intervention in sports is no longer necessary. German sports require a collaborative approach and a new solid top team. Learn more HERE: